Thursday, March 17, 2005

Who needs him anyway??

I arrived at the barn tonight for my little job with OZ the Giant after a rather trying week at work. So trying, in fact, that I am taking tomorrow off. Anyway, instead of investing thousands of dollars in therapy (I am, afterall, saving for a horse!), I go to my little barn job and relax with my horse buddies and try not to get all jealous of the people who are wealthy enough to board there.

So, I arrive and my friend is there...the friend whose neurologist live-in-guy just bought her a 13K Arab with bloodlines. Ok, so I hate her for that reason, let's just put that out in the open. Her horse is a beaut...and I don't even really like Arabs. She is really a nice person...and I don't even really like people who get horses for free. Am I just a bitch or is this completely normal?

OZ the Giant was a little bit hyper tonight but he is such a sweetie we will forgive him for the time being. I also got to *ride* again; however, I had to share the Olympic arena with a few others who were riding as well. Thus, I didn't have room to do my musical freestyle or practice my stadium jumping. I rode a different-than-usual horse...he is not a very nice one to ride butwhocaresitwasfree! I am so glad I am starting to feel much more confident and comfy! YEAH! It doesn't matter that I don't have a neurologist boyfriend to buy me a horse or pay for boarding at the poshy barn. I have my little job with riding benefits and my new craft career to slide me right into middle age.


Kiddo78 said...

Okay, I thought you were talking about a diamond. I clearly know nothing about horses. At least you have something that relaxes you - do you get paid too? That would be like someone paying me to go to a bar! Awesome.

Stacy said...

I feel the same way on a daily basis when I see the upper class suburban women shopping with multiple bags of stuff...who do they think they are?At least your friend sounds down to earth and nice despite it.