Thursday, March 24, 2005

I just wanna be in the IN crowd...

So I stole the list from katie/Stacy/kiddo...

I am: usually tired.
I know: a cocktail after work is necessary most days.
I wish: I had my own horse.
I miss: being in college and having lots of friends and late night drink/chat sessions.
I fear: I will never be completely happy with myself and where I am.
I hear: everything going on in this Motel 6 apartment.
I wonder: when H & I will finally have a relaxing vacation together.
I regret: Not being more carefree when I was younger.
I love: cocktails and horses... oh ya, H too!
I ache: when I see old men by themselves.
I care: about the small things.
I always: make sure I kiss H and the poodles every time I leave the house.
I am not: very confident in myself.
I dance: better without shoes.
I sing: very loud in the car when I am alone.
I do not always: tell H what I buy on ebay.
I should not: be passive aggressive during arguements with H
I write: little stories in my head.
I win: at most arguements.
I lose: my mind on a regular basis.
I confuse: people's names all the time.
I listen: to other people's conversations when I am shopping.
I go: for walks outside whenever possible.
I am happy about: learning it is ok to pamper myself once in awhile.


Kiddo78 said...

Hey -- good list! Like I've said before, I love stuff like that. And also - I see you learned how to add a Blogroll -- yay, you!! Have a celebratory cocktail hour(s)!!
Oh - don't you miss college?? I'm glad I realized at the time that it was a great time of life...and I'm sure I'll look back at my entire 20s and someday wish to come back. So, I'm enjoying it!

walktrotcanter said...

I really enjoy the lists...they make you think! And, what better way to get to know all of the blogger-people! I am still not very good at the Blogroll thing...but I will keep practicing.
I miss college tremendously! You def. will wish for your 20's back...and your 30'