Sunday, March 13, 2005

It's Soooooooooo Easy!

I am, I hate to say, about to embark on a *craft project*. I am not a craft person...the only connection I have to Martha Stewart is that I am into food. Eating it, mostly...but maybe that counts in some obscure way. Anyway, as a part of my Volunteer Coordinator duties for the riding program with which I am involved, I have to be *crafty*. In order to get our volunteers more involved with our riding classes, I have spent nearly the entire winter revamping the volunteer training program. We will now be monitoring our students' progress with *The Golden Horseshoe Point System*. Ya, I know...makes you want to get involved, doesn't it? Naturally, part of *The Golden Horseshoe Point System* involves Golden Horseshoes. Guess who is making the horseshoes golden? LOL This morning I headed to the craft store to get my supplies. I was rather afraid I might be arrested by the craft police as I entered the place...they can probably spot a non-crafter a mile away. The place was huge. I wanted to look like I knew exactly what supplies I needed so I tried appear very calm and cool as I strolled down the scrapbooking aisle, the foam aisle, the I-don't-know-what-the-hell-that-was aisle until I finally found the paint. Oh yeah, baby, these horseshoes are going to be 18 karot gold-plated! (Maybe I will be able to sell them on QVC when the program is finished.) The most interesting thing about my field trip to the craft store today is the people. There were several husband/wife craft teams! One guy was helping his wife pick out beads in the *Let's make jewelry aisle*! I could so imagine H helping me pick out beads. "WTC, here is one that is shaped like a boob...and it's silver!" I am happy I survived the experience (1)without making fun of the people out loud and (2) Finding the required items for my craft. I am now off to gold-plate those *golden* horseshoes...It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO easy!

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Stacy said...

I always think I want to do something crafty but end up either not following through or remembering I am not talented when it comes to anything crafty....

The Day Greg would do a craft with me would be a funny one!...Ha!