Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Art Class 101

I am happy to report my *golden horseshoes* turned out very well. I AM crafty like Martha! What a self-confidence booster. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to attach the blue sateen-like ribbon to the painted golden horseshoes until I, in my wanderings around the craft mecca trying to find the checkout lane, came upon rivets! Yes, rivets!! I figured I could attach the rivet to the ribbon and then superglue the ribbon to the horseshoe. Who knew? With only minimal damage to the kitchen floor of the Motel 6 (just a few small dings from the hammer hitting the rivet), and slight skin irritation where the superglue got on my finger thereby getting everything in a 2-foot range to stick to said finger, my *golden horseshoes* are works of art. I will take a pic to post here...as long as they are not too too shiny to photograph.

Next I will attempt to faux paint the pseudo-tiles of the Motel 6 bathroom...j/k!

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