Saturday, November 20, 2004

Frosty the Puddle

OMG...Mr. Snowman melted! And he has been completely deflated the entire day. I was heading out to my car to go to the mall this am and he was looking kind of droopy. I returned and he was completely flattened. I hate to admit it, but I really wish for him to be re-inflated!!! How strange is it that I am terribly worried about my inflated neighbors here at the Motel 6. The ptople must be gone because the generator is still generating, Santa is still waving to us with his festive bag of fake presents, and the tree is still aglow. I am planning to hang out here most of the day tomorrow and I don't think I can bear watching a melted snowman all day. Geez, I need a life.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Tumble Dry

Last night was another *laundry night*. Thank heavens for cocktails. It was raining so I had to dart from our apt. to the laundry building. I keep wondering why no one in this place is very friendly. Last night I seemed to be on the same laundry schedule (meaning in laundry-speak that we had our washer loads start/finish at the same time~thus were trying to scam the lower-row dryers simultaneously. the low dryers are better cause you can see that you got all of your clothes out. That is, if you are not drunk like I sometimes tend to be~see previous post) ANYHOO, this couple thought they were working as such a team but I managed to scoot ahead of them to lay claim on the lower dryers. I guess they were peeved since they left the upper dryer-doors open and I kept banging my head on them when I was *checking my delicates*. (I, in laundry-speak *check the delicates* in order to take them out of those super-hot dryers so they don't end up Barbie-sized) The couple didn't even apologize for the fact that their stupid dryer doors were giving me a concussion. Sheesh.

In heading out to the laundry building, the night was illuminated by the gigantic santa and snowman next door. I noticed Mr. Snowman was pitching forward a bit, tho still standing. He kind of looks like he is checking out the top of the lighted tree. I was maybe going to see if H would be up for doing a live nativity scene some evening...wouldn't that be a hoot! I am going to try to get a pic of Santa/Mr. Snowman/tree posted if I can figure out the pic thing on here. The visual might help add to the drama~

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Meet the Neighbors

Living in the Motel 6 is becoming quite an experience. Sunday morning we woke up to see that the neighbors put up/installed?? a couple of those 6'Santa decorations. There is a big inflated Santa and a big inflated snowman (both smiling, thank god) with a lighted tree (not inflated) in-between the two. This is on the "front lawn" of the townhouse. It isn't like a huge estate or anything! They have some kind of generator keeping them inflated and they ran the extension cord out the front screen door. yipes. I thought H was going to put on his fire safety hat and give them a talking-to. He is all concerned the cord will fray during the Christmas bustle in and out the door and we will all be electrocuted when we go out to our cars since the parking is right in front of their townhouse. The funniest thing is that someone (I swear, it wasn't me!) placed an empty Fritos bag under the tree during the night so it looked like a present. Then, we woke on Monday and Santa was deflated and lying there next to the smiling snowman/tree/fritos bag. It was like that all day and I can only hope everyone just thought I was smiling with holiday cheer and not cracking up as I got out of my car.

The holy lady across the hall who has the bible thumpers come once a week to read to her was out when I was home for lunch. She always gives me a very sad and stern look because she usually only sees me with a cocktail when I am going in and out for laundry. I think she either hates the fact that she can't drink or she dislikes my drinking, period. In fact, today was probably the first time I have not had a cocktail when running into her, seeing as it was during the work day. Anyhoo, she was vacuuming the landing area, or "common area" where our 2 front doors are. H & I have kind of been using it to store his muddy boots and various items he accumulates while housebuilding such as a trash bin full of wood scraps for the fireplace. I had thought she wasn't well because when the bible thumper people are there, she is always very weak and they have to help her in and out. However, there was HolyLady when I walked in today and guess what...not only was she whizzing about with the vacuum, she vacuumed EVERYTHING except our front door area. Maybe she was cured by the holy visitors?? What kind of holy roller is she not to love thy neighbor and vacuum our front mat? I think that was an intentional dis on her part. Just for that, I plan to do laundry on Sunday morning first thing...WITH COCKTAIL IN HAND.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

14 carot shingles

Wow, I am so not good at keeping up with this blog! Am I really that busy? Well, the shingles are on the house...and a good color at that! We are now *eagerly* awaiting the arrival of the windows. Again, I can't remember what they look like. How I wish I could be one of those obsessive home-builder people who ponder and contemplate each and every item! I am not. I must accept it. I am really getting sick, tho, of living in the Motel 6. I have decided I am probably homesick for our old comfy home. The dogs completely agree with me. I feel so bad for them when I let them outside to the little mini-Motel-6-patio. They usually both turn around and look at me like "ummmmmmmmmhi?"...then they try to eat poo. ya gotta love em!
On the riding front, I am intriguied by the fact that I am getting to be *best friends* with one of the super-rich boarders at the barn. It is really wierd. She arrived a few weeks ago and boards her *beeeeutiful* horse where I take lessons. She is from a very well-known family so no wonder she has mega-horse-bucks. (in dollars, I I must apologize for thinking she was a ditz at first because she has obviously had the boob job/botex, etc. She is a complete peach! Who cares I have no apartment friends!??? Loser apartment people...I'll stick with the barn people who are nice even tho way out of my financial range. :)

Monday, November 01, 2004

Tide's In, I'm out!

It is not very safe to drink and do laundry! I learned this valuable lesson over the weekend. Now that I think of it, it is also not very safe to pick siding colors and drink either. (See previous post.) Anyhoo, I did a few loads of laundry last week...I think it was Thursday. (One good thing about the Motel 6 laundry thing is that you can throw in like 10 loads and get them all done simultaneously!) I was having a cocktail or 2 while I was laundering which is kind of nice. Makes for a sort of laundry party! I usually throw the clothes in the washers and then go back to the motel room and come back to the laundry building to put them all in the dryers. So I was very comfy and clever with my laundry and cocktails last week...HOWEVER, I decided to do a couple thousand more loads of laundry yesterday (Sunday) and I opened a dryer to see if it was "free", (laundromat talk: "is that dryer free?") and low and behold, there was a load of my laundry that I never got from the dryer LAST WEEK! Yipes, I must be a drunk. What a made my day to know how friendly our Motel 6 is since no one bothered my clothes for nearly a week! LOL They were mostly H's clothes and I did have to pay another $1 to run them thru another cycle to get all of the wrinkles out. H didn't think the whole thing was very funny.