Wednesday, September 05, 2007

of wine, martinis, bones, and the ex-con

H & I were on vaca last week. We did not ‘go away’ as such; however, we banned the work cell phones, home-to-work computer access, and attempted as much of a getaway as we could muster considering we were still at home.

Relaxing is hard work.

The first couple of days, which we eventually referred to as “Detox”, we fought and argued and were basically just pissed off at each other for any and every reason imaginable. The rest of the week loomed before us, dismal and silent…Gah! Luckily, we remembered to play nice and things looked up just in time!!

We went to the beach and observed the home-schoolers and retirees as they went about their daily lives…those lives quite mysterious to those of us who head for the office during the week instead of making sand castles, chasing seagulls, chatting under a bright umbrella, and eating from coolers full of goodies. H & I tried our best to fit in but our tuna sandwiches, grapes, and mini bottles of Pino Grigio did not make us feel in with the In Crowd. Next time I am packing gin.

We also took the train to Chicago for a day. H wanted to go to the Field Museum…since I remembered this museum as just a bunch of bones and things from those high school field trips, I was none too excited to experience it once again. With H. Who reads ALL of the little info plaques and likes to see EVERY exhibit. My but how easily she is swayed with the promise of a martini along Michigan Ave…
I confess, The Field Museum is a tad more interesting than it was when I was 16 and the martinis, of course, were fabulous; however, the most interesting part of our Chicago jaunt was on the train ride home. Seats were few so H & I had to separate. I ended up sitting with…I don’t know if it was a he or a she…a person who had just been let out of prison and was on his/her way to the NW Indiana countryside to live with his/her grandmother to, and I quote, “Start back on the right track, man.” I asked what he/she planned to do for work and fun. As the train sped along towards the life of freedom, I found out he/she had a certificate that certifed him/her to change oil, had received a GED while in prison, and had read the bible a lot so things were really looking up. I heartily agreed these attributes would certainly be assets in the Indiana countryside...I try not to be bitter, is my sick, sarcastic humor that makes me truely evil at times while I am outwardly very normal. During the course of the ride, we discussed the additional life and job possibilities one might have should he/she to look into cutting the hair, rethinking the wardrobe, and removing the facial tattoos. Don’t say I never use that Sociology/Communication Arts Degree…my quest to save the world never ends...

Much like my love for a cool martini after a day of observing bones.