Monday, January 31, 2005

Tumble Dry

I had to go to "the laundry building" this evening...gawd, I miss my washer and dryer! (Poor things are still in storage in the cold...luv u guys!) Tonight's crowd was a mix of women...two of which were kind of...hmmm, how do I say this...kind of trailer trash. I know, hard to believe in the Motel 6. They were short, fat, and barely had teeth. I walked in and kind of smiled all friendly-like and went about my laundry biz. When I looked up from the washer, I saw one of them hang a silky/slinky red sorta sexy thing over one of those wheelie carts...she was letting it hang dry for all to see right there in "the building". ewwwwwwwwww. OK, hi, I am going to hang all my Victoria S stuff right next to the US Magazines...AS IF. Do I need to see her entire sex life in all its red glory while I am waiting for H's boxers to dry.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

10 Big News Items!

I consistantly read a couple of other blogs...they are always much more funny and creative than mine. (Heck, I have not even received ONE comment yet...) Anyway, the *trend* the past few weeks on my fave blog sites has been to make these *lists* about oneself. In the spirit of my blogger-idols, here I go...
1) I have the new *wireless laptop*! OK, Gateway made an error and sent me one without a 6-in-1 media card reader so I have been waiting for them to send a replacement. Waiting in the sense that I have already had to email the guru of customer service for Gateway (he calls himself "zee"...last name being *Zimmerman*--sounds like a powerhouse). "Zee" emailed someone named "Star" (am picturing a 20-something with a short lycra miniskirt and chunky shoes) who is supposed to "follow up". Thusfar, "Star" has not contacted me. Am hoping I get some type of freebee for my troubles. Doubt it, tho...this never happens to me.

2) Riding instructor and I are going to discuss setting up something so I work horses for him in exchange for lessons...and maybe RIDING! Woo Hoo! We are to discuss on Friday.

3) I am sick of winter and snow and cold.

4) I will never ever complain about laundry once I have my very own washer and dryer again. Living in the Motel 6 and doing laundry in the *laundry building* have given me a new outlook on the entire process. I live for the day when I don't imagine someone's pubes integrated into my clothing. yuck.

5) For V-tiMes day, I have plans to take my p's to see the Jackie Onassis exhibit at the Field Museum instead of spending the day with H having a sex-a-thon. What is wrong with this picture?

6) I am so hooked on chocolate chip cookies from Mejier's. Don't remind me about the fat content, ok?

7) I am so proud I didn't *lose it* today when I found that H tromped around the apartment with poo on his boots. It was really nasty and I thought one of the poodles had had a train wreck so I didn't give them treats at lunch. I felt horrible when I found out it was H and the poo on his boots that made the humongous mess. BUT, I didn't freak out...TG for meds!

8) Am wondering how I will ever have time to actually think about decorating and furnishing this new house. Would it look really bad if I only decorated the laundry room? In an equestrian theme??? LOL

9) Just gave the poodles baths...they are so sweet and soft. Gosh, I love those 2 little guys :)

10) I really hate right now that my car is filthy. Last night I helped shovel sawdust at the barn so the dust from that really did a number on the car. Truth is I am afraid to vac it because I am scared I will be electrocuted! I need to know if there are GFI's at the carwash. NEUROTIC

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Watch out World...

This is a test. I am now, at this time, actually blogging on the new wireless internet laptop! And, it seems to work! Snaps to me! Things like this usually don't get connected so easily. Could it be I am getting to be a computer geek? Maybe I am not 40 and am actually a GenXer...they just got my birthdate wrong. As a note, I am actually teetering precariously between being a GenXer and whatever came before that (80's child??) because, according to one article I read, the line is 1964-65. Being born in December of '64 makes me pretty darn close. At any rate, this pc geek is ready to blog. Regularly.

Blog 2005~

It is so good to be back in the good ol USA again...whew. My Christmas really sucked, to say the least. My evil sister had the family over for Christmas Eve so
H & I were going to my parent's house on Christmas Day. When we phoned to say we were going over, it turned out they were on their way to my brother's house and my evil sister was going to be THERE, too! So, mom and I got into a bit of a tiff and we ended up not going anywhere at all. In fact, we sunk to the lowest of lows by doing laundry. No wonder I hate the holidays.

We left for Ireland on the 26th and didn't get home until this past Monday. As you can only imagine, it was a bit too much family time for me. It is just too hard for me to be polite and not start my cocktail hour at an early hour for 2 whole weeks. We stayed a week at H's brother's house near Dublin...they have 3 little boys (OMG, the SCREAMING!) and I nearly went mad except that I talked H into buying a bottle of wine every evening. My sister in law is one of those La Leche (sp?) women so she is into the whole "kids need to be breastfed until they go to college" mindset. Having a kid walk up to mommy and ask to please have a drink kind of gets me wierded out. I know it's natural and all...but do I have to be there to see it???

The second week we went to the west coast to attend H's father's anniversary mass. Much to my surprise, all of the kids and breasts came too! So, not much peace and quiet in the west of Ireland, I'm afraid. I was about a nut case by the time we were back in Dublin and getting on the plane. The weather was pretty bad (gale force winds/flooding/snow/rain) so I couldn't even escape for a walk. As well, H got the flu so he was in no shape to 1) go to the pub or 2) listen to my bitching. I think my plastic smile is nearly wiped off now that I am home and able to scream the f word when I feel like it. Let's just say the whole holiday season basically sucked. I didn't even get any good presents. No MP3 player, no horse stuff, (no horse period! LOL), no clothes. H gave me 2 maglights, a book (a good book, but nonetheless...!), 2 calendars (one for work and one for home), and some Bath & Body Works stuff. I know, I am an ungrateful bitch. I just thought MAYBE there MIGHT be a chance for an MP3 player despite the housebuilding. Oh ya, my parents gave me a picture of THEM! LMAO...I think it is so funny since we had the big tiff on Christmas Day. I get a huge kick out of stuff like that..wierd, eh? It is a good pic of them, professional and all, but ummmmmhi? Sometimes I think the people closest to me (H, parents, etc.) don't really know me at all. How could I get NO horse stuff at all???

BTW, I really want to blog more...I like it! I was having a difficult time keeping up b/c I had to do it at work since my home pc is still in the flintstone age. WELL, guess who just bought for herself with her Christmas bonus a new fancy schmancy laptop with wireless internet for home use??? It just arrived yesterday so I should be online and blissfully blogging very soon. YEAH! Hey, I figure I made it thru the in-lawfest AND didn't get any good/fun presents for Christmas so why not. I may even figure out a way to buy an MP3 player for the gym, too. I am def. mid-lifing. Next will probably be a Corvette.