Tuesday, January 25, 2005

10 Big News Items!

I consistantly read a couple of other blogs...they are always much more funny and creative than mine. (Heck, I have not even received ONE comment yet...) Anyway, the *trend* the past few weeks on my fave blog sites has been to make these *lists* about oneself. In the spirit of my blogger-idols, here I go...
1) I have the new *wireless laptop*! OK, Gateway made an error and sent me one without a 6-in-1 media card reader so I have been waiting for them to send a replacement. Waiting in the sense that I have already had to email the guru of customer service for Gateway (he calls himself "zee"...last name being *Zimmerman*--sounds like a powerhouse). "Zee" emailed someone named "Star" (am picturing a 20-something with a short lycra miniskirt and chunky shoes) who is supposed to "follow up". Thusfar, "Star" has not contacted me. Am hoping I get some type of freebee for my troubles. Doubt it, tho...this never happens to me.

2) Riding instructor and I are going to discuss setting up something so I work horses for him in exchange for lessons...and maybe RIDING! Woo Hoo! We are to discuss on Friday.

3) I am sick of winter and snow and cold.

4) I will never ever complain about laundry once I have my very own washer and dryer again. Living in the Motel 6 and doing laundry in the *laundry building* have given me a new outlook on the entire process. I live for the day when I don't imagine someone's pubes integrated into my clothing. yuck.

5) For V-tiMes day, I have plans to take my p's to see the Jackie Onassis exhibit at the Field Museum instead of spending the day with H having a sex-a-thon. What is wrong with this picture?

6) I am so hooked on chocolate chip cookies from Mejier's. Don't remind me about the fat content, ok?

7) I am so proud I didn't *lose it* today when I found that H tromped around the apartment with poo on his boots. It was really nasty and I thought one of the poodles had had a train wreck so I didn't give them treats at lunch. I felt horrible when I found out it was H and the poo on his boots that made the humongous mess. BUT, I didn't freak out...TG for meds!

8) Am wondering how I will ever have time to actually think about decorating and furnishing this new house. Would it look really bad if I only decorated the laundry room? In an equestrian theme??? LOL

9) Just gave the poodles baths...they are so sweet and soft. Gosh, I love those 2 little guys :)

10) I really hate right now that my car is filthy. Last night I helped shovel sawdust at the barn so the dust from that really did a number on the car. Truth is I am afraid to vac it because I am scared I will be electrocuted! I need to know if there are GFI's at the carwash. NEUROTIC

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