Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dusting off the Roundpen

I’m back.

I found I just needed to take a few months off because, quite honestly, I could not think of one clever thing to write. In the event I happened to think of something clever, my creative juices would go all catawampus on me and I got to the point where I could not spit out any shred of cleverness. See? Major conundrum. I felt I needed to abstain long enough to cleanse myself. There. Now that I sound like I did a stint in the local convent, I will pronounce myself back to the blogging world.

I had a great summer! In a nutshell, I went to California where I rode horses on the beach, in the mountains, and amongst the giant redwoods. I also sprained the crap out of my ankle and had to spend several days in a deck chair with a lot of beer. H & I also went to Cancun for a week. Friends of ours called in a panic saying they needed to fill a timeshare they had purchased...some lamoid folks cancelled on them. H & I put on our rescue capes and scraped together enough cash to fly down and get tan. It was rough but we managed. On the home front, we planted a few things that might grow big enough to someday look like landscaping. By the time we get to the retirement home, it should be time to split some hostas and black-eyed susans. We managed to get to Nantucket a few times...so many stories there. Let's just say King of the Hill, shall we? (More on that later in future posts)

The biggest news of all is that I bought a horse. Not just any horse, but a horse named 'Wild as Can Be'. He is beautiful, exciting, sweet, well-built, and bound to be the love of my life. He will arrive at the end of October. With the *new project*, I believe it will be a good time to start up the ole blog again. This could be a rather scenic ride...:)