Thursday, November 18, 2004

Meet the Neighbors

Living in the Motel 6 is becoming quite an experience. Sunday morning we woke up to see that the neighbors put up/installed?? a couple of those 6'Santa decorations. There is a big inflated Santa and a big inflated snowman (both smiling, thank god) with a lighted tree (not inflated) in-between the two. This is on the "front lawn" of the townhouse. It isn't like a huge estate or anything! They have some kind of generator keeping them inflated and they ran the extension cord out the front screen door. yipes. I thought H was going to put on his fire safety hat and give them a talking-to. He is all concerned the cord will fray during the Christmas bustle in and out the door and we will all be electrocuted when we go out to our cars since the parking is right in front of their townhouse. The funniest thing is that someone (I swear, it wasn't me!) placed an empty Fritos bag under the tree during the night so it looked like a present. Then, we woke on Monday and Santa was deflated and lying there next to the smiling snowman/tree/fritos bag. It was like that all day and I can only hope everyone just thought I was smiling with holiday cheer and not cracking up as I got out of my car.

The holy lady across the hall who has the bible thumpers come once a week to read to her was out when I was home for lunch. She always gives me a very sad and stern look because she usually only sees me with a cocktail when I am going in and out for laundry. I think she either hates the fact that she can't drink or she dislikes my drinking, period. In fact, today was probably the first time I have not had a cocktail when running into her, seeing as it was during the work day. Anyhoo, she was vacuuming the landing area, or "common area" where our 2 front doors are. H & I have kind of been using it to store his muddy boots and various items he accumulates while housebuilding such as a trash bin full of wood scraps for the fireplace. I had thought she wasn't well because when the bible thumper people are there, she is always very weak and they have to help her in and out. However, there was HolyLady when I walked in today and guess what...not only was she whizzing about with the vacuum, she vacuumed EVERYTHING except our front door area. Maybe she was cured by the holy visitors?? What kind of holy roller is she not to love thy neighbor and vacuum our front mat? I think that was an intentional dis on her part. Just for that, I plan to do laundry on Sunday morning first thing...WITH COCKTAIL IN HAND.

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