Friday, November 19, 2004

Tumble Dry

Last night was another *laundry night*. Thank heavens for cocktails. It was raining so I had to dart from our apt. to the laundry building. I keep wondering why no one in this place is very friendly. Last night I seemed to be on the same laundry schedule (meaning in laundry-speak that we had our washer loads start/finish at the same time~thus were trying to scam the lower-row dryers simultaneously. the low dryers are better cause you can see that you got all of your clothes out. That is, if you are not drunk like I sometimes tend to be~see previous post) ANYHOO, this couple thought they were working as such a team but I managed to scoot ahead of them to lay claim on the lower dryers. I guess they were peeved since they left the upper dryer-doors open and I kept banging my head on them when I was *checking my delicates*. (I, in laundry-speak *check the delicates* in order to take them out of those super-hot dryers so they don't end up Barbie-sized) The couple didn't even apologize for the fact that their stupid dryer doors were giving me a concussion. Sheesh.

In heading out to the laundry building, the night was illuminated by the gigantic santa and snowman next door. I noticed Mr. Snowman was pitching forward a bit, tho still standing. He kind of looks like he is checking out the top of the lighted tree. I was maybe going to see if H would be up for doing a live nativity scene some evening...wouldn't that be a hoot! I am going to try to get a pic of Santa/Mr. Snowman/tree posted if I can figure out the pic thing on here. The visual might help add to the drama~

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