Thursday, March 31, 2005

31 Flavors

This post is for Blog Hero Stacy: Help.

Dear Stacy,

I was in Meijers the other day doing my grocery shopping and, of course, scouting the latest shipment of Columbia clothing. While wandering down the snack aisle, I saw they had almost a whole row of Genisoy Crisps...isn't that your brand? I was thinking, "Hmmmmm...if bloghero Stacy likes them, and she's pretty honest, maybe I should give them a try." The problem is, they are nearly $3 a bag and I don't want to buy a flavor I don't like.

Please, if this is your *brand*, at your earliest convenience, do a brief review of some of the preferred flavors. Your assistance is most appreciated as I am on a tight grocery budget due not to the building of a house; rather, a preference for outdoor clothing.

Many thanks,


Stacy said...

o.k. walk is the thing..I am obsessed with these...I mean really obsessed.I know three dollars a bag and you get like three servings...not practical for us either...especially since I eat like three bags a week.The rich cheddar soycrisps are my most favorite things ever...they taste like low fat high protein junk...but they are super good for you.My mom on the otherhand,thinks they taste stale..I love them...the ranch is great too.avoid the bar b was the only one I didin't care for.I have never tried the caramel apple or deep sea salt either...give them a try they are yummy...cub got a new shipment in when I thought they were discontinued I almost wept I was so happy:)

Stacy said...

Hey my comment did not post and it was really long...Rich cheddar yum,yum,yum I love them!I have never tried the potato crisps,I have always gotten the soy,I agree 3 bucks for a three serving bag in way high priced but if you are looking for an alternative to chips I think they are just great.I also like the ranch and onion and garlic...I hope you like them.My mom thinks they are they taste stale but I look foreward to them every day.I almost wept when I saw a new shipmnet at cub after thinking they had been discontinued...yay!give them I try..I can't wait to hear what you think.

walktrotcanter said...

Well, perfect timing b/c tomorrow is Meijer shopping day! Maybe I should take my laptop just in case I need to blog an emergency Genisoy question...LOL


Stacy said...

Soooo...did you buy some???Good thing they don't need to go in the fridge:)

walktrotcanter said...

OMG, I forgot to tell you...I got/tried/LOVED the Cheddar! I would just like to say thanks even tho it probably means I will have to go cheap on flooring in the new house as a result of this new and expensive addiction... LOL