Monday, March 07, 2005

But will it show dirt?

It is unbelieveable how difficult it is to pick out flooring. I know, it isn't exactly as monumentous as say, achieving world peace, but it is quite a challenge. The funny thing is that when I am at someone's house or really anywhere, I don't really notice flooring. In fact, I would be pressed to tell you what flooring is in the Motel 6. ...but maybe that is just one of those memory blocks in times of great stress that will come back in flashbacks in about 10 years. So, H & I went to the floor store to wade thru the vast selection of colors and types. We had already purchased hardwood flooring for most of the downstairs of the house...that is another story in itself but let's just say H got the deal of a lifetime on it so we had to buy it LAST YEAR...before we had even sold our house. TG for credit cards. I didn't want wood in the kitchen because, well, knowing my knack for spilling things like, um, olive oil and the like I didn't want it to end up looking like it needed to be powerwashed after a year of my abuse. We decided on slate. It is timely, durable, nice looking, and expensive. Really expensive. I did my best sales pitch to convince H of all advantages, timeliness, durability, etc. We found the correct color after this well-done sales job and that was it. Ya right. When the *sample* lot came in, the slate looked like it had been scraped from the bottom of the junkyard. H phoned to say, "you aren't going to like it" ...but I figured he was still a little peeved at how my little pitch convinced him. Nope, the stuff was awful. Yes, it meant another trip to the floor store! I was really disappointed. I just didn't think I could face another few hours of greens and blues and blacks and is this ok and how about that? I trudged with a very heavy heart to the floor store on Saturday. Solo. (H was plumbing the house) After only 30 minutes (30!) I found it. The floor. OK, so who cares if it is a tad (!!) more expensive than our previous choice. It will work! It won't show dirt! Even Missy likes it!!! She loves doing (Please note Missy has some eye probs...she is not stoned. Her tear ducts have stopped working so she has constant dry is awful! She is have surgery in April...I hope it helps her because she is the best of the best! Anyhoo, she wanted to pose with the wood, cabinet door sample, and THE FLOOR.)


Stacy said...

Missy is adoreable... and so is the floor:)

walktrotcanter said...

Missy says thanks...she is primping now, we have created a monster. She wants to go on The Price is Right. The floor is a go so far...this housebuilding is difficult!

walktrotcanter said...
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