Sunday, March 20, 2005

BQ for you experts out there...

I have a blog question (BQ) - I just love using initials for can get very funny at times. Anyway, I have a BQ for my BH (Blog Hero!) LOL. Stacy, of course, is my BH; however, sometimes she is busy baking holiday cakes (today IS Palm Sunday after all), working out (like I should be instead of sitting here blogging or browsing ebay), or adding songs to her MP3 player (which is another question in itself, but one at a time) so any of the faithful readers out there can answer:

How do you add your favorite blog friends and heros to your blog page so they are listed right there and are just a click away?

It is probably very simple and I am just acting my true senile age but I would most appreciate some guidence on how to do it. I am borrowing the BQ format from kiddo b/c he asked about how to post pictures. Thanks kiddo! I now use Photobucket too! (Tho I have not yet posted a pic...maybe later)



Stacy said...

Have I mentioned I love posts that refer to me in some way...probably because I was such such a nerd in school that I eat up any kind of attention now:)Anyhow,I will e-mail Dan about it...he did mine because I barely know how to do spellcheck let alone the blogroll thing.I will let you know...I made muffins today:)And will be making a crocidile (sp?)cake early next week for my nieces 3rd birthday.
I still have to workout today:( yuck...I napped during Michael's normal blog felt good but not as good as getting up five or six new posts...I will have to catch up tomorrow.

Kiddo78 said...

Go to my blog and click on the link under my list of blogs. It will take you to the site that controls it. Then you'll have to use the web code they provide and insert it in your sidebar get to that from the options in

walktrotcanter said...

Thanks for the info! I will give it a go this evening when I am home (at last, thankfully!) having my cocktail and internet-ing. kiddo, I am concerned, tho, that I won't know the *web code* or be able to find the *sidebar template*...perhaps that becomes more clear after a martini! LOL

Stacy, please catch up on your blogging before you begin your newest baking marathon! You really are my hero...I made cookies over the weekend! Ok, so they were BAR cookies, and from a mix...but they still had to go into the oven!

Stacy said...

walktrot~You are so awesome!!!Talk about boosting my self esteem!!!

Stacy said...

BTW~After all my ranting for an MP3 I have yet to change the playlist...I am really,really slow when it comes to...well anything so because the changing of songs intimidates me Gaelic storm is starting to become "workout" music..which is not nessessarily a good thing because I love Gaelic storm and really don't love working out... I would compare it to shock therapy,you listen to something enough times while suffering,you start to feel differently about it.I need some new tunes that is for sure.