Friday, March 04, 2005

My New Job - Part II

I just have a sec b/c I am at work but I want to share a happy moment. Last night I was longeing OZ, the humongous horse. It was after a rather trying day at work and I was feeling kind of of those days when you are really tired and you think you might call off work but you drag yourself to your desk because it is only March and you don't want to use all vaca time... after all, summer will come at some point and maybe I will want the day to sit in the sun and read. (Or sit in a new house and wonder where the hell I am going to put everything.) Than, at work everyone and everything drives you completely nuts and your co-workers all think you are not only growing larger thighs, you are also a bitch. So there I was, going round and round with OZ who was being such a complete peach. I was telepathically thanking him for being the one the one thing in the day that was cooperative while telling him out loud what a good boy he was and how fabulous he looked. (which, by the way, he did...he is a beautiful horse. No wonder he is for sale for $40K!!) El Instructor was giving a lesson in the arena and I was kind of half-listening to that in case I might pick up some tips. I heard him say, "See how nice he looks? That is just how it should go." Then the next sentance was, "Walktrotcanter is doing such a great job with him...I can't believe the difference in such a short time!" !!!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled!!!!!!! ...even tho I acted like I did not hear it. I just tried to hide the fact that I had made OZ switch directions and the longeline was all tangled up and even knotted and if OZ had decided to bolt, my hand probably would have bolted with him. Maybe I CAN be a horse trainer after all :)

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Stacy said...

That must have been such a boost!Congrats and good job!