Saturday, March 19, 2005

Thanks again, G!

Today was G's memorial service...geez, those things are so difficult. Especially when you really LIKED the person! It was a 2 hour drive so by the time we got there, of course, I had worked myself into an emotional disaster. (Is this pre-menopause??) H & I met up with some people we knew...they were G's circle of buddies. I think what makes me most sad is that when I see all of them w/out G, they look so different. He was such a magnet...everyone was together when he was around. 2 of his friends did readings during the service...they were wonderful and both bang-on as far as what a good friend G was.

There was a guy there who was, before my "time of bad marriage (TBM)", a very good friend and then he was the same friend who, right in the midst of "TBM," screwed both G & I...he just got so wierd and got very mean and selfish and basically dissed his 2 closest buddies, mostly b/c he started dating this girl who was one of those bitch-women who won't let their man talk to any woman unless previously approved...I so hate that type. Long story...but anyway, he was there and I had not seen him for about a year. He broke up w/"bitch woman" and we have kind of made up even tho it was really hard to do b/c his behavior really hurt me and many other friends. So, anyway, we are all sitting in the the church today and friend-guy was sitting down the row from us...and who trots in and plants herself right next to him?...Bitchwoman! LOL I was so cracking up b/c G and I used to talk about how evil she was and G would get so catty when he was ragging on her , picking apart every bitchy detail...and then here she comes to his very own memorial service! I can only imagine what he was saying upstairs...LOL LOL What a good was classic even tho friend-guy had no clue why I was suddenly so smiley. Good ol G...thanks for one last laugh!

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