Wednesday, February 09, 2005

With Under Cabinet Lighting!

Tonight H & I had an appt to go *look at cabinets*. You are supposed-to know the style you want, the color, the design/layout, and basically what you are going to be cooking for dinner for the next 20 years. I hate stuff like that...I think I am more the impulsive girl so it stresses me out to have to decide to *go* with cabinets that I will be cursing a year from now because they show too much dirt/don't open the right way/are a horrendous color andhowdidIeverchoosethatwasIdrunkatthetime???? Sooooo, there we were in the *design center* and H had instructed me to have some choices ready so we were kind of prepared. Naturally, the choices I chose were all the premium cabinets (it is difficult to have such champagne taste) so we had to narrow it to like only 1 of my choices, the affordable one. Then H and the design guru started in about measurements and clearances and fillers so I wandered around and decided I hate brass fixtures and maybe if chrome is in the budget we could head that way. Then I got a call from el Instructor from the barn. Turns out he has this friend who is selling T'HE HORSE and it is THE HORSE for me at a mere $3500! Mind you, we were still in the midst of the cabinet summit. How was I to concentrate on *upgrades* when I now have to save $3500?? LOL Gawd, I hate this house-building. After the summit, D was exclaiming how cool this whole thing is. I said something stupid like, "Well, it is good we are doing this since it is something you have always wanted to do." (As in, I am super-wife and you should thank your lucky stars I keep quiet about half of the things I think about this whole project, not to mention having to live in the Motel 6 for ten months.) I immediately had to backpeddle because he came back with a "Walktrotcanter, this is the ONLY way we could EVER have a DECENT place and I hate this as much as you, believe me!" (Ok, can I just say NO WAY.) So, anyhow, I guess I will continue as stablehand and student horse-lunger and volunteer coordinator until all of the kitchen cabinets are installed and the dishes are safely tucked into their new homes. Wonder what's for dinner?

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