Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Go Ask Alice

I just found out today that I am tres Gen X! I knew I was teetering precariously on the edge since I was born at the END of 1964 and the cutoff (I read this in some magazine) is 1964-65. I am so cool! Why, you ask? Well, I was totally not expecting to have this humongous *enlightenment* tonight...but when you least expect it...! Let's backtrack. For B-tiMes Day, H surprised...and I mean *SURPRISED* me with an ipod mini...THE MP3 player I had been hoping/praying/hinting-for! I think it was a result of Stacy getting hers...I was reading her blog here in the Motel 6 and excitedly exclaimed, in the presence of H, "Stacy got her thing!" H was like, "HUH?" I cheerfully explained that my BlogHero Stacy got her MP3 player so she could workout and be all cool. I def. think H FINALLY got the hint and so there we were on B-tiMes Day. B-times gift was ipod! woo hoo! Sooooo...Mrs. 40-yr old fogie downloaded every totally *fav* song from the CD vault and vio-la...WORKOUT BABY! One of the fav songs or songs plural is Alice old friend of mine (who happens to be about 10 yrs younger than I) burned me a CD of good ol Alice. I hate to mention it, but this *friend* is one who would experiment with wierd things like "X" and then tell me all aobut the club/music/date scenes, etc. I think Alice DeeJay is or was hot at *the clubs*...but needless to say, she is now also hot at MY club. With me on the eliptical trainer. I was a maniac. (ok flashdance...ewwwwwwwwwwwww) Let's just say I had a good workout and I really appreciate being able to listen to music that H hates and I had stored in my car CD holder-thingie and forgot! Who cares if my thighs grow...I am proud to be a Gen X er!


Stacy said...

Yay!You got an i-pod mini!!!I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to workout to something other than top 40 stuff ahhhhhh...too bad It does not change the fact I hate working out:)

You need to comment to me every day...being someones blog hero is just the boost I need to mt self nice:)especially since I think my Blog has really been a bore lately!

walktrotcanter said...

Your blog is not a bore! It got me an i-pod, didn't it?!?!