Sunday, February 20, 2005 my new thighs!

I joined a health club a few months ago. Not because I had an MP3 player, either, because I didn't. I joined because the Motel 6 does not have enough room for me to use my treadmill. Ya, I know...big surprise. The Motel 6 does not have enough room for anything except maybe having cocktails...and even then you are squished. We rented a storage unit when we sold our house but it seemed to fill rather quickly with H's *building supplies* he had stored in the basement. We ended up cramming most of our *stuff* into this 1-bedroom apartment. It is kind of wierd to have the majority of my belongings stacked up around me in all of 600 sq. feet. Anyway, I joined *the club* so I could keep up my rigorous workout routine (!!! LOL LOL !!) during this sabbatical-type living. Well, I think I want my money back. Reason being, my thighs are growing. How come everyone else who works out rigorously gets lean and mean and I get bigger thighs? Granted, it seems (from visual inspection) to be muscle...but my jeans don't fit right! Does this happen to other people? Needless to say, it is making me nuts and the only excuse I can think of is that *chez laundry* is shrinking my clothing. I'll give it another couple of weeks...but I think the eliptical trainer workout is a lot different from my reliable old treadmill. Yet another reason to check out of the Motel 6, isn't it?


Stacy said...

when did you start? I am growing anxious because my weight can't come off fast enough.I check the scale every day...BAD IDEA!

walktrotcanter said...

I started at *the club* in October or November. It is my first time working out in a club...usually I hide my fat in my own house. The Motel 6 doesn't have enough room for my treadmill so I was forced to go public. Anything weight-related is frustrating...I have been a neurotic since about age 10...LOL Sounds like you are doing very well, tho!