Sunday, February 06, 2005

Paper or Plastic?

I guess the Christmas season is officially over. This afternoon I was heading over to the *laundry building* to "do a couple a loads" (laundry speak for hogging all of the washers and getting every item of clothing washed simultaneously) and I happened to glance over to the neighbor's porch. Well, do you remember Mr. Snowman and Santa, the 8' inflated decorations that kept deflating? Much to my surprise, the completely deflated Mr. Snowman and Santa were stuffed in to a grocery bag! I kind of wonder if they just finally crawled into the bags because of their constant delfation or if the mean nonchristmas people put them there because they figured they spent a fortune on some lamoid decorations that would not stay inflated even tho they kept the generator plugged-in with the *thru-the-door*extension-cord*. As a sidenote, there is a townhouse here in the motel 6 that still has candy cane decorations in the *yard*. Today one of the poodles peed on one of the candy canes. Remember, don't eat yellow snow and don't eat yellow candy canes. Is it Spring yet?

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