Sunday, February 13, 2005

Parental Supervision

Ya, I know...up kinda early for a Sunday. I have a sister who lives about 3 hours north of here. She is married and has 3 kids...really nice kids, actually. Since H and I went to Ireland right after Christmas, we had not had a chance to get together for all things holiday. We were going to trek up to her place when we got back from our trip. Here we are in February and we still have Christmas presents for them in the livingroom of the Motel 6. I was exclaiming how we are really fitting in here by still having holiday stuff around the place and H said I should just make a date to go to my sis's and he would be there. I should know better. Now that he is back from Ireland he is completely gung ho about the house and has no time to take a drive up north. Since I don't want to go all alone, I asked my mom to go...we do get along ok despite the Christmas tiff. So today I am driving up to sis's with my mom AND dad. That is ok...except for my mom's birthday, which was Friday, I was going to take her into Chicago to the Jackie O exhibit at The Field. It turns out we are going to that tomorrow AND the father is going too! Yipes, TWO days in a row with the p's. They are nice people, they are just parents, you know...they can drive you batty. I did schedule a sanity break during our time in Chicago...I made a appt to get my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted on Michigan Ave. My sister said that was a very smart thing to do and it wasn't selfish at all. :) I am up early to get the sleigh packed (I even cleaned the horse-hair/manure/sawdust car so the p's are riding in class!) for our trip! Departure time for Day 1: 1 hour.

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