Monday, February 07, 2005

Is it a holy day?

As I mentioned previously, I am involved with a volunteer group that offers riding lessons to people with disabilities. I got involved about 2 years ago and ok, I'll admit I only got involved with the program because I wanted to be around horses and learn about them in addition to my weekly lessons. I found I kind of enjoyed the classes and students once I got started. (go figure.) To make a long story short, I was elected to the board of directors and became the Volunteer Coordinator last year. I think the were desperate in asking me; however, I accepted and stepped into the landmine.

This whole winter I have worked with a little task force I rounded-up to revamp the training and, actually the whole volunteer scene. It was really a mess. People would just show up whenever they felt like it, call off when they felt like it, and had no sense that they were around horses and just because they are therapy horses doesn't mean they are never going to act wacky as horses often do! So, here we are getting ready for a new summer of classes and we are getting finalized on the whole *new* volunteer is going to be really good but, as usual I have my destructive doubts in myself. Does this ever go away??? I am, to be honest, dreading the whole thing since we will be moving in the midst of the class sessions and with the whole new house, moving, etc. I will surely need more cocktails than usual...let's just put it that way, OK?

Like the first blossom of Spring, I put out the email today to announce when the first training session will be. I tried to sound all upbeat and *cheery* so everyone gets all *excited* about the New Program!! YEAH. I got one response where the *volunteer* told me her entire work schedule and how difficult it would be to make it to the training but could she please come and ride horses? Another explained to me how it is *the sabbath* and could we have an additional training session at a different time. Now, how could volunteering for a riding therapy program be something so heathen and horrid that a person couldn't possibly go to the training to LEARN how to HELP OTHERS on the sabbath? I had to close the email and deal with it tomorrow. WTF? Sorry, but this is making me nuts. ...I wonder if they do cocktails on *the sabbath*???

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