Saturday, February 12, 2005

E Z Pay

Today was rather busy for me. I had to dash in and out of the Motel 6 doing errands and whatnot. We live at the far end of the *complex*, so we have to drive down this sort of main drag to get to the exit. The main drag includes the *clubhouse* (I don't know who goes there, but it is kind of nice), the lake with geese all over the place, and this massive flagpole thing that looks very official as you enter the Motel 6 premesis. Anyway, today as I was entering and exiting there were several, and this is common here, Rent a Center trucks making deliveries. I am not sure how all of that works but somehow *renting* furniture doesn't really make sense. Why don't you just buy it? You can buy on payments so it shouldn't be too much difference from the, they have to charge a fortune! I think I would like to see a rent a furnished apartment just to get an idea of the decorating assistance offered by the RAC plan. Am thinking very puffy faux leather couches and a lot of birdcages. Oh ya, cats too. I also wonder about what they do with the furniture if you decide you don't want to rent it anymore? Do they sell it at Wickes? Sorry to sound like the snob but this whole scene is really fascinating to me. I really need to exit the Motel 6 soon...otherwise, I'll be awaiting a delivery! LOL

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