Tuesday, July 19, 2005

WTC's workspace...

Life's a bitch and then you post about it on your blog! -Fussy

See, for every 4 bitches I have in life there are 4 positives...

1. Our billion dollar bionic dog got a clean bill of optical health from the vet on Friday. YEA! Her eyes completely open now and look much like brown M&M's. It is very difficult to be mad at her. Even when she digs an ant trap out from under the fridge to chew.

  1. I am going to see Jewel in concert this weekend. I was not really a Jewel fan until H & I saw her in concert a couple of years ago. I like her because she seems rather normal and down-to-earth. I'll bet you she blogs.
  2. My mom is doing well and will graduate from Cardiac Rehab this week. I am proud of her. I admire her stamina in putting up with Ray being *sick of the sick*.
  3. Riding is going very well lately now that I am over the hump of trying to learn to canter without clinging for my life. I am sure the horse appreciates my progress as well.

Guess things aren't so horrid after all. THIRTY FOUR MORE DAYS!

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Amanda Frazier said...

Hey girl, I just read the whiney post then this one. I know it totally sucks, but for the record, I think that you are handling it with tons of good humor and grace. Men. Why don't they figure out that even after they have wooed us, we still need to be wooed some more?? Damn skippy he should take you out on a date! And you should insist on no less!
By the way, who can get excited about the building of a house? Trust me when I tell you, men like to create things and build things. When your stuff is in it and it's yours to drink wine in all day if you want it will be a little better. Not exactly worth the motel 6 hell, but better!