Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Crocs definately rock

This blogging thing is getting serious, I tell you! I have to say, I love the fact that it can be great entertainment when one is holed up in The Motel 6. (More-so w/cocktail in hand but by now you know me well enough to figure that is standard and somewhat a part of my wardrobe as a resident of Apartment B, Motel 6.)


I have found, as most people probably do, that some blogs that are entertaining link to other blogs that are entertaining, etc. etc. so I end up reading more and more of them on a fairly regular basis. It could, in fact, take me a considerable amount of time to read all of my favs. I normally don't HAVE that amount of time!

One of the blogs I enjoy is this one. A few weeks ago I was reading her post about shoes called crocs. My name is WalkTrotCanter and I am a shoe whore. I have been a Dansko wearer for several years preceeded by Ariats, preceeded by Birkenstocks, preceeded by Dr. Scholls...with several cheap one-night stands along the way when I tried to scale back and shop at Payless. Naturally, after reading her rave about these crocs, I decided I needed to try a pair. At the moment, due to ProjectHouseFromHell, my shoe budget is rather limited so most of the time I try to slip any new purchases in under the radar of H. I have even resorted to keeping the newest pair of shoes in the car so I can wear an old pair when I leave for work and then change on the way. I will be so busted when we move.

Lucky for me, I found a store here in town that just happened to have a stock of crocs! I bought a lovely pair of purple crocs...kinda tough to hide those. H commented that they were interesting but seemed to be too big. Crocs are supposed-to fit loose; however, the more I wore them the more too-big they seemed. Hmmmmmm...what to do. I had worn them quite a bit so I didn't think I could take them back...but I wanted them to fit!?!?! (I sometimes whine to myself much like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, especially when it comes to shoes I must have.) I must confess: Last night I bought ANOTHER pair of purple crocs in a size smaller and I hid the old ones in a shoebox in the closet. The salesguy said to me, "Didn't you just buy these in purple?" I blurted something about buying these for a friend.

I have concluded, thru this latest blog-related hazard, it is a good thing I haven't started reading blogs by people who are in to fast sportscars or big diamonds.


trane60 said...

I have the same kind of problem with cds. Come to think of it, I'm also a "shoe whore". Is the male "shoe whore" less common than the female? :-)

walktrotcanter said...

A CD whore AND a shoe whore...I think I will have to un-bloglink you since I believe you may be my twin. :)

trane60 said...

Mom always liked you best. :-) I was born five years before you. You must have been hesitant in coming out. I'd make you my very first bloglink but I'm way stupid and can't figure out how.