Sunday, July 17, 2005

...and what is it you do?

I get a kick out of watching people. I once thought I would be able to make money watching people; which is why I majored in Sociology in college. Much to my dismay, watching people does not pay very well. I now, for the most part, put my $50,000 college education from a private Catholic college to use making fun of people on my blog. If nothing else, my observations are educated.

I was at The Barn on Friday afternoon for my usual riding lesson. To show you how lamoid my life really is, my riding lesson is the highlight of my week. I have no idea why facing the challenge of staying on the back of a 1500 lb. animal after a 40+ hour work week thrills me no end; however, I look forward to it nearly as much as I anticipate the after-ride cocktail that awaits me at home. The Barn is in interesting place. It was built about 10 years ago, designed after the fancy Dressage barns in Germany. It is owned by a guy from Chicago who has too much money. He likes to ride horses so he built a place where he and his family could ride on weekends while staying at their home on Lake Michigan. He imported a bunch of sporthorses from Germany and built this top-notch facility and no one in his family likes to ride. They never even come to the barn. I was born into the wrong family. Anyway, it is very expensive to board a horse there; thus it tends to draw a rather elite group of people. Quite frankly, because of my financial status or lack thereof, I really have no business setting foot in the place.

SO, I arrived for my lesson on Friday and there was a new boarder there who I happen to know from my being involved, until just recently, with a riding therapy program that gives riding lessons to kids with disabilities. She attended one of our board meetings as a guest a few months back. She also happens to be one of those people who likes to incorporate her complete professional resume into conversations with you so you are sure to know just how very important she is.

ProfessionalWoman: WTC! How nice to see you...didn't we meet when I was the guest at your riding therapy program board meeting?

WTC: Well, hello, I believe we did meet then...nice to see you again.

PW: How IS your group doing...I hope I was of some assistance to you when I gave my 10 recommendations for how to run a growing board of directors, based on my experience as a board president and grant-writer for a major drug company.

WTC: I didn't know you rode horses.

PW: I am sorry I wasn't in touch with your group after the meeting where I, in addition to my recommendations, I offered my assistance in getting you in contact with several colleagues I know from major rehabilitation centers in Chicago. I believe I also offered to assist you with publicity since I take yoga with several key contacts in the Chicago news media.

WTC: Yes, well, I am no longe...

PW: (Interrupting) I have been sooooooooo busy since I accepted a position as a Director of Appropriations for the county. My goal, aside from saving the world on a local level, is to secure a million-dollar grant from each of the country's top ten corporations.

WTC: You have a beautiful horse!

PW: I recently decided to explore the riding options in the area after my previous trainer had to leave to get ready for the World Cup Finals and, of course, the Olympics.

The funny thing is that she was talking so much about herself she was kind of stunned when, at one point toward the end of the conversation I was finally able to mention how I am no longer working with the riding therapy program. Suddenly, she had to get going...guess I am of no assistance to her as she strives to climb The Barn's social ladder. Especially when she further found out not only do I not board a horse there, I don't even OWN a horse and I (gasp!) ride a schoolhorse for my lessons. I can only hope to run into her next week when I am mucking out stalls.

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trane60 said...

Mingling with the upper crust at a horse barn? I'll bet she doesn't muck out stalls. :)I grew up around horses. They're responsible for most of aches and pains I have at 45. It wasn't fun unless I was getting kicked, bitten or thrown. Young men have a strange notion of what a good time is. Hell, so do old men. LOL They were also a hell of a way to get dates. Every teenaged girl seemed to love horses. "My family has horses, I'll show em to ya if ya want". :) I understand people wear helmets when riding now. Or at least some do. Makes perfect sense but hung me up a little bit when I first saw a woman pop one on.