Thursday, July 28, 2005

Happy what???

It is now official. ProjectHouseFromHell has completely consumed our lives. I thought H & I might eeek it out with some shred of remaining humanity; however, it was just not meant to be. Yesterday was our 18th wedding anniversary. Our morning conversation went something like this:

WTC: (Walking up to H as he read the morning paper) Happy Anniversary! (Hands him a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. Note: We usually don't buy presents for the anniversary thing but I got him the new Harry Potter book so that once he has a life again, he will be able to read and enjoy it. I put it in the Vic. S bag as a joke.)

H: Huh?

WTC: Happy Anniversary!

H: Is it the...??

WTC: Happy Anniversary!

H: ...27th already???!!

WTC: Happy Anniversary!

H: Shit, I forgot all about it.

WTC: Happy Anniversary!

H: I can't believe I forgot...but you know, every day is like our anniversary, WTC.

Nice try, H. 25 more days.


Stacy said...

Happy anniversary!Greg is getting the new Harry Potter for his birthday in August.You guys should be proud,18 years!That is great!

Kiddo78 said...

Wow - your marriage is graduating high school!! You don't even want to know what I was doing in 1987. At least I'm back to the blogging! Your Teri Garr story is so great!! I miss her...I loved her in Mr. Mom. Also, I need to rent Tootsie, I guess, b/c I don't remember her in it.

Christine said...

Happy anniversary! Um, sorry I'm late with the wishes...I feel guilty too now.