Friday, July 29, 2005

Just call me Pat

H is from Ireland. I met him during my last semester of college when I spent a semester there, supposedly studying and learning about all things green. H's family is all still "over there". He has 2 sisters and a brother. His brother is married with kids. I believe I mentioned them earlier this year during my post about our vacation. Brother's wife is considerably younger and is one of those people who is into natural foods, home birthing, and breastfeeding her kids until they are well into secondary school. She is a very nice woman, don't get me wrong. I just have absolutely nothing in common with her and, even tho H swears otherwise, neither does he.

Besides being au naturale, Bro's Wife is from a family that all have very traditional Irish names such as Liam and Fiona. Nice names, I think. Actually, I'm convinced these names will be the next yuppie-suburbanite names here, soon to replace Madison, Kaylee, and Hayden. In keeping with tradition, I guess, Brother/Wife have seemingly gone to extremes with their child-naming. In fact, I have a very difficult time trying to pronounce or spell the names of their 3 older boys. Cairan (something like Key-rion), Niall (this is the easiest one!), and Daragh (pronounced Da-Rah, not Da-Rag) When H & I stayed at their house, I did my best not to have to even say their names for fear of mis-pronouncing and sounding like the Yank.

WTC: Ummm...look young one, I don't think you should be climbing on the counter.
WTC: Geez, it looks like the middle guy is going to have curly hair.
WTC: How about we take your brother this time and it will be your turn next.
WTC: So, how did you handle the breastfeeding when the first one started school? (LOL)

Anyway, it has become somewhat of a running joke with H & I because we have a very hard time sending birthday cards, asking questions about one of the kids, and spelling their names on any type of personalized gifts. A couple of weeks ago, we got the phone call with news of boy number 4's arrival. H talked with his brother and happily announced they had named him Evan Patrick. We cheered and had cocktails in celebration of not only the healthy arrival, but the ease of pronunciation. Evan. It just rolled so easily off the tongue. Baby Evan was going to be showered with personalized gifts from the USA!

Yesterday I got an email from Brother.

Good morning,
Just a little note to say all is well here and Baby Eimhin is doing great .I will get some pics over as soon as we develop them.


Kiddo78 said...

Once again, you cracked me up! How the *hell* do you pronounce that one?! Congrats, anyway, on the arrival of your baby nephew! You can just call him Baby E. He can be a rapper. An Irish one.

Christine said...

That's hilarious! At least you got the cocktails in before you found out.

trane60 said...

Seems they are sticking with traditional Gaelic spellings. My wife warned me about that before our son was born. :-)

Irish Trane

walktrotcanter said...

As an update, I finally emailed Brother today to ask how the hell we are supposed-to pronounce this one. I keep telling H it is probably something rapper-ish.