Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
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We had a lovely day for the pet Halloween party. AND, we remain the champs! YEA...Mommy really IS Martha Stewart! Mr. P and Missy won the "Cutest Small Dog" category. We came home with a basket of dog toys and treats for our prize. I think that calls for celebration...what's a wedding without a drunken member of the wedding party...


Amanda Frazier said...

How CUTE!!
Now I feel like an ass for not even trying to make my pooch a halloween costume! Oh well, I bet she'd rather just get some halloween treats than to have me force her to dress up. She throws a fit whenever I even try to put her jacket on!
You have some cutie patootie babies!

Kiddo78 said...

Usually dressing dogs up kinda scares me, but I think it's fine for Halloween. You did a terrific seamstress job! I hope you're *still* celebrating!

Stacy said...

They are the cutest things ever! You so deserved to win!