Friday, April 29, 2005

Shhhhhhhhhh...she's sleeping

Finally our little Missy is home! YEA! All is not well yet b/c she has a ton of healing to do; however, best to heal at home, we think. H & I worked 1/2 day today so we could hop in the car to trek to Purdue for our reunion with Missy. H said we had to take our other poodle, Mr. P, so he could help us bring Missy home. He was thrilled to take a road trip. I know, we are wierd. So, we all drove several hours to Purdue Univ. to pick up our girl...How wonderful to see her again! She has quite a few nasty stitches and kind of looks like she has gone a few rounds and lost...but all in all, she is her happy bossy self so we know she will be just fine.

It is a good thing I don't have kids...I don't think I could handle when they might hurt. It totally makes me cry! I held Missy most of the evening and now she is all cuddled in her poodle-bed and hopefully having sweet dreams about milk bones and table scraps. Sorry to be so sappy...I just really love this dog and I am so glad to have her home! If she will let me, I will post a pic tomorrow. Welcome home girlie girl!

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