Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A+ Room Service at The Motel 6

You know, I might just decide to live permanently at the Motel 6. What a maintenance crew! H & I were up bright and early to dig the milk, butter, and coffee creamer out of the coolers so we could eat breakfast. When leaving for work, I left a note for Earnest & Co. saying their turning up the setting on the fridge, for some reason, did not work so maybe they have a fridge from 1995 they could install in our apartment. When I didn't hear from anyone by 10:30, I phoned...all ready to barrage them all with "oh ya, and YOU'LL be paying for the next 10 bags of ice!" or "look, nothing else will FIT in the dorm fridge". Unfortunately, I got the answering machine. Maintenance Joe, who works with Maintenance Earnest called me finally to ask if I could please remove the dogs from the apartment so they could "see if we can fix the fridge". I had to leave work and take our pseudo doberman guard dogs to my parent's house. My mom thought she was being halarious by asking if I was going to get a side-by-side with ice maker and reverse osmosis water dispenser and maybe even a built-in TV. Very funny Mother WTC.

I finally got word from Maintenance Joe that they did all they could; however, they could not save the old fridge. I couldn't believe it. "No!", I screamed and hurled myself to the ground in grief, "How could you just let it die?" (I then wondered briefly if maybe they would find a body behind the fridge when they took it out. Let's face it, it had been there since I was in high school!) "Nope", said Joe, "We had to install a new one and it is all set" All Clear from Maintenance... and the pseudo-dobermans could return to the Motel 6! I'll try to see if Missy will pose for a pic to post.

At long last, we now have a spankin new fridge complete with plastic crisper! H is going to be thrilled. I say we halt construction on the house and just check in to the Motel 6 for good. YEAH JOE and ERNEST!!!!!


Kiddo78 said...'ve been living with a dorm fridge all this time?? I barely ever have groceries, but that would be a nightmare.

walktrotcanter said...

The fridge that died was the big kitchen fridge that comes w/the apartment...the dorm fridge is one H & I bought just for storing the booze b/c the kitchen one was not big enough. (Plus, we are going to build the "booze fridge" into the kitchen of the new house so the beer/wine/etc. is always cold and out of the way! ~good idea, don't ya think???)