Sunday, April 24, 2005

Learning The A-B-C's from Big Sister!

When I was shopping the other day I was in the dressing room doing my least favorite thing...trying on bathing suits. Yuck. It is like a magnifying glass on your body...ok, HERE are the big thighs and HERE we have the teensiest bustline ever. Oh ya, and let's just point out how WHITE she is. It is probably one of the worst things for one's self confidence...especially since turning 40. Anyway, as I was squishing myself into my bathing suit choices, I could hear a group of people in the dressing room down the was a young-ish crowd. From what I could tell, it was a young girl and her older sister and the older sister's friend. Big Sis andFriend were helping Little Sis try on her first bra. It was the cutest thing ever! I was hating that I was being so nosey; however, Big Sis and Friend were so sweet to Little Sis...I seriously almost got teary! The three of them had obviously picked out several bra styles and they all packed into the dressing room to help Young Sis. I could hear Big Sis saying, "OK, first you put it around you and hook it...then you spin it around and put the straps up. Wait, make sure it isn't too tight or it will pinch." And then Friend said, "But you also don't want it too big or your friends will think you are cheating and making your boobs seem bigger." Little Sis was saying, "Ewww, this feels, THIS one feels much better!"
I think what struck me was that they were very businesslike and not all giggling and making fun of Little Sis. They were actually helping her and giving good tips while teaching her how to properly fit a bra so she is comfortable and looks good! As I listened to the whole thing, I was so impressed by Big Sis & Friend! What a super sister! Little sis is one lucky girl. She will no doubt strut her stuff with confidence because of her sister. That is just so cool!

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Amanda Frazier said...

Oh that is so sweet! How many of us had REALLY uncomfortable first bra experiences? Oh, probably most of us!
Thank you for the wine advice! I hope you know that I was not asking your advice because I think you drink too much of it, but rather because you know your stuff! I Will go look for those kinds you mentioned, and, is the recipe offer still open? wink wink!