Thursday, April 07, 2005


With the fridge-fiasco behind me, I decided to head to the gym after work yesterday to workout and see if the Non-Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt guy was there w/his gatorade and supportive-wife. The building where the gym is used to be a grocery store. It still kind of freaks me out that I am tread-milling right where I used to be buying tampons; however, I guess that is what happens when you live in your old hometown. Anyway, the workout machines are all in rows facing several TV's. The treadmills are in the first row and then there are two rows of eliptical trainers (probably 15 in each row) and then the nautilas machines are behind THOSE. I am not being anal, just setting up the scenario for you...

Last evening I did my eliptical training for my usual 45 mins and then I got on a treadmill (remember, front row!) to kind of wind-down my cardio with a bit of cross-training. I was all "in my zone" with my ipod so I was, naturally, feeling very fit and buff. I had the ipod sitting on the little treadmill shelf while I power-walked. Suddenly, in my cardio-pumping arm movement, I caught my hand on the earphone wire and the ipod went flying! The earphone wire disconnected and the ipod, still blasting out The Venga Boys, hit the moving belt of the treadmill and flew back toward the folks on the eliptical trainers in Row 2. The series of events happened so fast I forgot how to turn off the I was still walking briskly (no arm movements, tho) with one earphone still in my ear and the other dangling along with the connection wire. With my lightening-fast reflexes, I hopped off the back end of the treadmill. My poor ipod body had been propelled about 3 feet after rocketing off the belt! I tried to act all cool and casually pick up the body and re-insert my earphones. I then calmly (!!!) turned off the treadmill, got back on, and restarted my walk as if nothing at all had happened. I have no idea if anyone, including my Non-Brad-Pitt/Tom Cruise Neighbor and supportive wife Jennie, took all of this in or if they were all "in the zone" themselves. No one cared to comment to me when I finished my workout and had to walk thru the 2 rows of eliptical trainers to get to the water fountain. Maybe they were all just very impressed with my amazing reflexes...LOL

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Kiddo78 said...

Be proud of your cat-like reflexes! Who cares what that couple thinks. If they get wise, throw your Ipod at them - lord knows it can take another beating.