Thursday, October 28, 2004

Raise the roof!

Ok, so I have been away for a few isn't that life is so exciting that I have something to write every day! The roof is nearly on the frame of the house!!! Each step is a movement forward, right? This morning H said we need to pick out shingles. I was wondering about buying shingles when we have not yet picked a siding color for the place. WELL, it turns out H tells me we have already picked out the siding! We did?? I don't remember at all! I recovered and told him to be SURE to bring a siding sample so we can match a roof color. Clever, eh? I will know what color I picked! LOL I am thinking it was probably one of THOSE nights we had before we moved to the motel 6 when I was numbing myself for this whole thing with VO. Drinking hazard. I hope I like the color! LMAO! H just wouldn't understand that...he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO into the house thing. He wants me to drive by every lunch hour and then stop after work to see "the site". I TRY to get there but usually I am rushing off to work out or to grocery shop or to get home to let puppies out. My pathetic attitude is pretty much "WAKE ME WHEN IT's OVER!"...but I don't dare say it. Ahhh, secrets. Later

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