Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Blog: Day 2

How strange that I seem to think of all things to write here when I am not here and then I forget everything. Maybe I will get better at this.

Today started the house framing! Woo hoo! Actually H is more excited about the building of the house than I. I just try to act all pumped and "woo hoo" at the proper moments. It seems as I have become older I don't give a hoot where we live and a big new house seems like a big new bunch of work! In the cleaning/upkeep sense, I mean. H has been campaigning for nearly 18 years about doing this, so one can only hope there is still more in life for him once he has this under his belt. Me, I just want to get thru the finance/choosing flooring/oohhing and ahhhing about fine miter joints. LOL So, we are living in this teensy weensy apartment for the next 9 mos or so with 2 dogs (who are completely discombobulated) while we build this fortress. Once finished, I have approval to POSSIBLY get a horse. How cool is that???!?!? Now THAT's a fun project... :)

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