Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Living in the Motel 6

This apartment living is so strange...especially after having a house. Someone is always moving in or out. I was thinking we might meet some new apartment friends kind of like in The Honeymooners or Dick Van Dyke so I was very smiley when I saw a neighbor just in case he or she might be Rhoda-like and we could someday share wine or go shopping. Well, after only a month I barely smile because by the time someone finally smiles back, I notice the moving truck in front of their place and bang, they are gone. I am wondering if they were only smiling at me because they were thinking, "sucker, I'm blowing this pop stand and you have to stay here and keep on doing your laundry in the "laundry building". (Where, incidentelly, I take antibacterial wipes because those public washing machines always have some mysterious type of hair on the lid that never ceases to completely gross me out!) There is one woman who actually spoke to me briefly and there was a faint glimmer of hope that she could be my apartment friend. She mentioned her husband was teaching at the college nearby. So, what happens??? I read in the paper about the new professers and her husband turns out to be this minister and doctor of religious somethingorother. I am not knocking religion, but my smile wasn't quite so perky when I couldn't quite picture getting schnockered with her on a Sunday afternoon.

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