Friday, October 15, 2004

Schooling time

Well, today is my riding lesson day!!! I love Fridays for that reason alone. (Ok, that and relaxing with a couple of cocktails and some Mexican food!) Riding has become fun once again after about a year of not-so-fun. I started riding just about 4 years ago; however, my progression has been pretty slow for the following reasons: 1) Fear, 2) Instructor problems 3) More Fear, 4) Terror. BUT, last year I leased a horse for the winter from the barn where I volunteer with a riding therapy program. The horse is a therapy horse so I got lots of experience while feeling fairly safe in comparison to the Warmbloods I had been riding in my weekly lessons. I still have a fear of flying (!!), but excitedly I have learned to relax and not curl into the fetal position the minute my equine partner perks his ears. Not only that, I have a new trainer who is rather wonderful and pushes me just that little bit so I def. see progress. I LOVE IT! I have always wanted to ride but never had the opportunity ($$$) as a kid. Learning as an adult sometimes makes me feel like I am one of those chubby housewives who goes back to take a college course and ends up asking so many questions that the rest of the students roll their eyes and totally avoid eye contact when they are to pair up for some project. Ya, anal. I don't think I am THAT bad, certainly I dress better than those women! LOL LOL Anyhoo, 3 more hours til I am walktrotcanter-ing!! Yeah!

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