Tuesday, February 13, 2007

As the snow flies...

I have been home all day...big blizzard conditions closed our office. It is nice to have a day off to get things done...you know, all of those things I keep putting off because, well, I tend to spend a few hours at the barn. Now I am being held hostage...the plow has not been by yet and I doubt my little car is fit to hurdle thru the snow drift at the end of the drive.

The weather has been challenging my horse-ownership skills the past few weeks. After a lovely December, we were plunged into sub-zero temps and now we are covered in snow. Yes, I board George at a barn with an indoor arena; however, I have not been able to ride in nearly 3 weeks! The owner of the barn, who is new to the whole boarding/indoor arena thing, watered the arena footing to keep the dust down. Unfortunately, it is all now frozen...therefore, a bit dicey for walk/trot/cantering. Further, I am a little nervous about just hopping on George after several weeks of not working him. I don't know him all that well...what if he is a fruitloop??
Ah, fear. My new faithful companion! I don't know if it is the cold or the dark winter evenings or my being in the midst of not really *knowing* George yet...but whatever it is, I have been more nervous about riding him and sometimes even working with him lately. It is so frustrating! I don't WANT to be nervous. I want to be relaxed and enjoying the whole process. How does one get to that point with a new horse? I have been doing bits of groundwork with him whenever possible. He is getting a lot better with paying attention to what we are doing and his biting has just about stopped. Looking back at how he was a month or so ago, I know we are making progress. I guess I need to focus on the small progressions and not expect to have an Olympic partnership right off the bat. Certainly, once we can get on a more regular riding schedule I will become more confident with him. Here's to hoping Spring springs soon!

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