Monday, August 15, 2005

Stone Tower

Originally uploaded by WalkTrotCanter.

This is the tower-thingie in the entry of the house. We are thinking we may get into rock


Stacy said...

The house is going to be just beautiful...but I am concerned walk,trot,that I am going to miss motel 6 posts...your just going to have to start a new chapter of house from hell posts:)It may be tough with how nice it is looking though!

walktrotcanter said...

Not to worry...We still have to CHECK OUT of the Motel 6. In doing that I am thinking we will have to dodge a hell of a lot of Rent-A-Center trucks.

hot babe said...

I'm loving you house! It'g going to make the hell of the Motel 6 worth it. But I will miss stories of drunken trips to the laundry room & of huge snowmen dying.