Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I only hang with the best

Yesterday I was out at The Barn where it was very close to a zillion degrees and I was getting terribly bummed-out watching everyone ride their OWN horses as I worked with SOMEONE ELSE'S horse in order to get some free riding on A HALF-DEAD SCHOOLHORSE. I have no issues, really.

Realistically, my main goal in life at age 40 is not to be successful in my career, a joyful and enthusiastic partner in marriage, nor one who strives to save the world; rather, a successful, joyful, enthusiastic, and helpful owner of a horse, dammit. That's it. I think H is finally realizing I am serious about this one. As faithful readers of this blog know, a certain ProjectHouseFromHell, H's pride and joy and reason for getting up, out of bed, and breathing each and every day, has been a major stumbling block in my quest for equine happiness in the past year. Thus each and every step, how ever small, towards my goal absolutely and completely lights up my world like a sparkley vodka tonic on ice.

Back to my thesis...ahem. So I arrived at The Barn, parked my car, and lugged my 750 lb. saddle bag inside. I bought my own saddle a couple of years ago (M-A-J-O-R sparkley vodka tonic!) and I keep it in a nice/protective saddle bag; however, due to the fine quality of the saddle and the fine quality of the stainless steel stirrups purchased for said saddle, the bag weighs a ton. Literally. Further, when I do my lugging between Motel 6 and Barn, the fine quality stainless steel stirrups usually crack me in the shin at least once during the treck from car to building. With my gentle demeanor these days, I am usually uttering a string of 4-letter words as I shuffle along with my precious load, the stirrups banging me in the shins with every step. As I got inside The Barn, I saw that a couple of the stalls were empty...meaning the people with a horse AND a pony (BOTH!) had moved their horses to a different barn. When I met Instructor in the barn aisle shortly after my brilliant observation, he said, "WTC, why don't you just keep your saddle in the tack room with the others (meaning the people who HAVE HORSES TO BOARD THERE) you don't get arrested for cursing in public like the village idiot."

This almost makes me a boarder! This is almost like having a horse! I am boarding my saddle at The Barn! I ceremoniously hung the saddle on one of the saddle racks. It was beautiful.

Sparkley Vodka Tonic On Ice, WITH LIME.


Jamie~* said...

I had various numbers of horses for most of the time I was growing up, and didn't really appreciate how fabulous they were until they were gone. So I totally understand your urge to have a horse now. I wish I could go back to summers on the farm with Holly, my chestnut Arabian princess.....random thought:) Have a great day, and good luck!

Stacy said...

I have a feeling you will get your horse with your passion for them I have a feeling...You already have a spot for your saddle,that is the next step...When is the big move in day by the way???It has to be coming up...

Rockenheimer said...

You're funny.

I wanna play piano, you want a horse. I need more time, you need... a horse! Bearing crosses sucks.


Amanda Frazier said...

Girl, right on! Now you just need some glitter glue and paint and you can paint your saddle's name above where it hangs like they do for the horses in the stalls! You know, think of it as practice for when you have your own horse!