Thursday, June 16, 2005

You can too walk!

I realize that someday very soon I will be a senior citizen. I really don't have a problem with that because I certainly can't stop the aging process. I try to keep in good enough shape, stay active, and drink enough to keep my stress level as low as possible. As a senior, I hope to be pretty much how I am now...bitchy, sarcastic, and seemingly a woman with perma-PMS. (Maybe by then H will be used to me.) Crass as I may get to be, I definately do not want to be a rude senior citizen. Never.

I stopped at the bank yesterday to get some quarters for laundry. We all know how extremely excited I get when Laundry Day arrives at the Motel 6. Yeah Laundry! Further, I was on my lunch hour and hungry; thus in a bit of a hurry. I was in line for the teller window with cash in hand, all ready to hand off my ten dollar bill for my laundry quarters in plenty of time to bolt down a Boca Burger and be back at work in time for a meeting. Just as I stepped forward to approach the available teller, a woman came speedwalking out of virtually nowhere and cut right in front of me. She was about 100 years old, stooped over, and carrying a humongous cloth purse (the kind you see at Wal-Mart that have some wild hippie pattern and white vinyl handles). As she zoomed past me, she said, "I can't stand up." You can't stand up, lady, but you had no problem body-checking me back into the teller-waiting-zone. Whateveah. She proceeded to the open teller window (the one I was heading to before she catapulted me backwards). The teller glaced at me as gesture of apology which made me feel better tho my blood sugar was rapidly diminishing and I was running out of lunch hour time. The Can't Stand Up Lady proceeded to stand talking to the teller for several moments. I was waited-on by the NEXT available teller on my merry way when guess who appeared just ahead of me as I was going out the door of the bank? I felt like I was in some kind of contest with this woman who couldn't stand...but why? Whatever the reason, I was bound and determined to be in front of her getting out of the parking lot...imagine how she drives if her bank lobby manners are that bad? She probably says "I can't drive" as she zooms in and out of lanes. Ha! Still nimble in my middle age, I bypassed her easily on the concrete steps of the bank. I think she may have tried, but she was way too slow to stay in my draft as I sped past her towards my car.


Amanda Frazier said...

HA! Way to go girlie! You shoulda body checked her right back! I HATE dealing with seniors that are all bitter and hateful and full of a sense of entitlement! Beeitches!

Stacy said...

whoo who you showed her!Can't stand if she can get there she can wait....

yum you had a boca burger
you should get the cheeseburger ones so good!