Saturday, June 25, 2005

Vacation Time!

We are going away for a night! H reluctantly agreed to tear himself away from working on the house in 90+ degree heat to go into Chicago for a wedding. It is like pulling teeth to get him to do much of anything so this is a big event! Granted, ProjectHouseFromHell needs to end; however, working 7 days a week for nearly a year is taking its toll. H needs a day off! He barely speaks to me because he is so tired. I feel like we are going on vacation even tho we will only be gone for one night.

Our friend's son is getting married at a schmancy hotel in Downtown Chicago. (Imagine, more fancy than The Motel 6! LOL) This is a kid who always seemed to be about 10 yrs old and now he is suddenly in medical school and getting married. Yipes! The cool thing is that the wedding, reception, and accomodations are all in one place so we can just stumble from one event to the next without much hassle. Yea open bar!!!! Considering this weekend is the Taste of Chicago (huge crowd), the Cubs/White Sox game (huge crowd), AND Gay Pride Weekend (huge, HUGE crowd), the city will be hopping with a plethera of blog material. I am trying to talk H into going to the Pride Parade on Sunday but we'll is a stretch to get him to go to the wedding at this point!

I began my wedding/vacation weekend last night by getting my nails done. I never get my nails done b/c they get trashed so easily by my horse job. Horses + Fancy Manicure = Waste of Money. I didn't think I was "wasting" money this time b/c I got my man/pedicure at Super Wal-Mart here in town. Now, THAT'S class, baby! It was $35 for both and I even got to sit in a messaging chair. I hope no one in Chicago notices..maybe I'll just casually mention how I popped in to Elizabeth Arden's Red Door for a refresher after a busy day of browsing at the botiques on Oak Street...that way, they won't think I got my manicure/pedicure at Super Wal Mart and my shoes at Payless.

So, in a few hours we will be off to the Windy City. I hope it is fun...maybe H will smile, laugh, have some serious cocktails without falling asleep. Maybe he'll even notice my fancy nails! :)


Stacy said...

wow you can get a manicure at super walmart???Who knew?All my measly walmart offers is some 14 year old staffed behind the jewlery counter with a ear piercing gun.Well, that and a ton of movies two for $11.00.That is what I call a bargin!have fun on your vacation walk trot!!!

Amanda Frazier said...

You're going to tell us how it went, right??