Friday, June 17, 2005

63 Days 'til Liftoff

We are at last in the final stretch of ProjectHouseFromHell. Why, it only seems like yesterday that we sold the old homestead and set up camp in the Motel 6. It actually seems like several decades, but whatever. We are now in the "painting phase". H has diligently picasso-ed his way thru the second story bedrooms without drama. Our black poodle, Mr. P, now has paint stripes all over him so he kind of looks like some kind of mutant skunk; however, in light of the past several months, we will not classify his love for brushing against freshly painted walls as drama at this point.

I do not get much thrill out of picking and choosing and deciding and coordinating color schemes for this house. (I would much rather ride horses.) What I do get a kick out of, is the names for the colors and patterns from which to choose. I like to visualize the creative marketing gurus brainstorming catchy names for paint colors and countertop patterns for suckers like us. They must have to visualize Joe Schmo Homeowner and his wife at Home Depot in that little paint booth with all of the festive color family strips. "Ok gang, exactly how are we going to get Joe to pick OUR color?", they must ask themselves. "Now, we have all attended the color college so surely we can come up with some sassy names to lure these folks to OUR paint color families. We absolutely MUST...or we won't get our profit sharing checks!" Then they probably shake up some cool Cosmopolitans and get to work. I honestly think I could be one of those people.

A few weeks ago, H & I stood in the house and went over our list:

WTC: Ok, so do you think Indiana Clay will clash with Harvest Home?
H: No, probably not, because the Mummy is lighter and then Weaver's Cloth kind of breaks them up in the dining room.
WTC: You're right...and look, the Autumn Indian Slate picks up the brownish hue of the Euculaptus Country Ledgestone without sacrificing the Antarctia!
H: Now, upstairs we might have a problem with the Hay.
WTC: Why, is it too dark for the Alto?
H: It is a bit harsh for the Birch and the Hazelwood.

See what I mean? It is like speaking in tongues.

All of this stress and I found out I need new tires for the car. Yeah, the Mitsubishi Deathmobile painted in Cold Blooded Red.

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Stacy said...

I must be so behind the times I told Greg I wanted to paint Micahel's room "green" the other day