Friday, March 10, 2006

Precious Minutes

My mother just phoned to let me know that she and Ray have a new cellphone number. Mom has become high-tech enough to use her cell for all of her long distance calling. She noticed she was running out of minutes and was wondering if she was allowed to change calling plans so she got on to her dial-up internet and tried to check it out for herself. In this age of Blackberrys and Bluetooths and Razr’s and wireless internet and laptops, somehow the p’s always seem to put things into perspective.
Some snippits from our conversation…

I finally had to call the customer service number the other day and talked with the nicest girl! They sent us this new phone that we get for FREE! To buy it would cost $79.99!

I called again today after we got the phone to see how to activate it. The girl told me to just turn the phone on and I said, “How??”

…Then the new phone rang and I got all nervous so I asked her, “What is THAT? How do I answer??” I tell you, this girl was so helpful!”

I’m standing right here looking at this new phone! It answers when you open it and hangs right up when you close it…it’s a Noika flip or something!

We even have rollover minutes now! This is so good for your father!

This afternoon your father and I are going to figure out how to get the welcome message the girl sent us…we are just going to take our time and do it right!

The girl told me she needs a new phone, too. I told her she might want to get this one, it is really slick!

Your father has it all set up here…he is even charging the battery!


Kiddo78 said...

Cute!! I like how they plan an entire afternoon to figure out their phone! Now if I could get my mother in the new century. She doesn't have a computer or a cell phone! To be fair, she did have a cell phone and never used it, so gave it back!

walktrotcanter said...

I am really surprised my parents have the cellphone and I nearly fell over when they went to buy the computer (the drama of that is a whole other post!). They are so funny trying to figure stuff out as they embrace the electronic age, tho...I spent an entire day at their house showing them how to look at pictures on a Kodak CD. LOL