Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Darn barncats...!

So this new woman is boarding at the barn and she is annoying the hell out of me. I know this is very difficult to imagine since I am so rarely bothered by things; however, I am to the point where I am timing my visits so I don’t have to run into her. I am not the only one feeling this way, which I guess is a good thing. It means I am in with the *in* crowd even tho I don’t own a 35K horse! Yea me!

Anyway, *Lisa* is one of those people who tries extremely hard and with all her might to keep up with the Jones’s. (Me, I simply tap my heels three times and hope to hell I can pay the mortgage AND still lease my horse.) Now mind you, the *Jones’s* where I ride are more like *Rockefellers* so it is no easy task to keep up with any of them. Except for me…the AntiRockefeller.

On Saturday I was particularly irritable. I had gone to the doctor for a bruise I had on my leg. I thought it might be from riding but I was not sure. The doctor’s “OH MY GOSH!” kind of scared me and, unfortunately, she asked that I take a few days off from riding because it looked as if I had some soft tissue damage that was having a hard time healing, etc. etc. So, I was kind of bummed out and thinking my Olympic riding career was on the fritz. I went to the barn to brush the muck off my little guy and just have some quiet time when I encountered *Lisa*. After some idle chatter, Lisa mentioned to me how she isn’t planning to move her tack box to the barn just yet…this as she eyed my Rubbermaid storage bin with the “You’re ugly and that’s too bad” sticker on the lid.
I wonder if she thinks my tack box a/k/a Rubbermaid storage bin has cooties that will make her tack box look cheap? She also proceeded to inform me how she purchased her new horse from Washington State from a breeder. Ya whateveah. As if the horse is worth more because it is from another state? By this time, I was trying to ease myself away from her before my self esteem took a complete tumble into the familiar depths of non-horseownership. That, and I can tend to get a tad bitchy when pushed to my limits. This is when she dropped a zinger and said how unfortunate it is that I have to ride a horse that has “lameness issues”.

Lameness issues? I don’t think so.

Oh yes, his hips are way off and he tends to favor one side.

Yeah, well, he’s mine and he’s a peach and I am lucky to have him right now. It sure beats getting too far into debt buying something I can’t afford much less ride.



Kiddo78 said...

Just smile and pretend you're choking her to death, imagining what it would look and feel like. That might help. What a bitch. She's not even a Kennedy!!

herb said...

Is that your guy! What a pretty horse!

Tell that woman to go step in a pile...

Belinda said...

I wish any of the ones I am about to place (read: no purchase price) into new homes had any kind of training, because I would so give you an awesomwe horse. Alas, aside from my own Misha the wonder horse and his dad the ancient one and Bella's pony, all are sweet but unbroke.

Kim said...

I just drifted over to your site from Belinda's. Nice blog. I like your horse. I always have wondered about people that will go into debt just to own the next in style horse. My guy is definitely not in style, but I love him just the same:o)

walktrotcanter said...

This horse is a leased one but it's the best I can do right now! I am hoping (thinking, praying!) to be able to buy one in the next year or so. Not a zillion dollar one, either...just something fun. This guy is fun but he spookes like crazy so he can be a bit of a challenge at times.

DDM said...

I just found you via I'm Ablogging.
One of my biggest peeves about the horse world, is the prevalence of horse snobs. What a BITCH that woman is! I've been on both sides of the fence in horse ownership. Used to breed and show Arabians and Morgans. My mom is now a Natural Horsemanship instructor, and keeps her horse, my horse and my son's therapy pony on her place. Her horse was a rescue, who happens to be a Quarter Horse. My horse was a complete surprise. My mom rescued his mother, and 2 weeks later went out into the pasture to feed her and there he was! A Palomino colored whoknowswhat. He looks like a Quarter horse, but who knows? My son's pony is the only critter with any kind of pedigree, and he's the biggest asshole of them all. :-)In all my years of horse loving, I'll take the surprise in the pasture in the morning over the papered, pedigreed 35K horse any old day. Your boy looks like a fine steed to me, and if he makes you happy that is all that matters.