Monday, January 09, 2006

My main squeeze

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He walks, he trots, he canters!!!Finally...A pic of the newest man in my life! Meet Mr. Magoo! His eyes look a bit funky from the flash but he seemed to enjoy our little photo shoot.


Stacy said...

He is so you have been riding non stop?
I wish I had a hobby besides obsessing about the fiber content in pumpkin...
how old is he?
and did I read your leaseing him? Can you buy him if you decide that is something you are wanting to do?

walktrotcanter said...

NON-stop! They are calling me an addict at the barn. He is 11 or 12, I believe. The owner said we can just see how it goes but to just have fun with him because he needs to be ridden. I don't think he is the horse I'd buy but he is a blast to ride for now...and no vet bills!

Don't worry, it took me 35 years to finally take up my hobby!

Amanda Frazier said...

Okay, now I'm scared to DEATH of horses (owned one once even though I didn't want to. He hated me, I hated was a bad thing)
But that is a beautiful face!!
Yeay for you finally! So are you going to make his face your new pic for posting??

Amanda Frazier said...
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Christine said...

What a great picture. Congratulations on your horsey lease and all the riding you are getting to do!

herb said...

Il est beau! Félicitations!