Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Son of a Beach!

Last evening, H came skipping home with the exciting news that the *Building Inspector* had *Green-Tagged* the house. Translating in to: H's electrical job he has been working on for the past million years passed inspection and, according to the *Building Inspector*, will not cause us to glow, buzz, spark, or catch fire in the new house! YEA! This latest benchmark sends us lurching forward to the next phase of the project. (YEA again!) Now it is time for insulation/drywall/drive the well/finish siding/and place our order for the eucalyptus country ledgestone fireplace, column thingie in the livingroom, and the surround on the front door. Yipes. Further, H has instructed me to think about paint colors so we can keep this thing a' hopping. Wha?? Does he not KNOW how many paint colors are out there? Good gawd. After breathing into a paper bag for several moments, I managed to stop the entire color wheel from spinning into blackness inside my head. No problem, I said to myself, the colors we had in the old house were perfect. Those I had easily scammed from the house of a friend of mine who happens to have very good decorating taste. Easy breezy! My supposed dilemma was solved! Time for the bar to open!!!

Happy soon-to-be-homeowner me stopped at the paint store today at lunch to get the *palatte strip* for Hazelwood, the only color name I could remember from the old house. Smiling at my clever plan, I approached the paint helper-guy...

ME: Hi there, I am looking for Hazelwood...where can I find that little color strip thing that has the little color family?
Paint Guy: How long ago did you last order Hazelwood and/or its family of colors?
ME: About 2-3 years ago
Paint Guy: Oh Ma'am, we changed our colors last summer. We can probably still make Hazelwood but I don't have the color family for it.
ME: What is Hazelwood called now?
Paint Guy: Oh Ma'am, I have no idea. We now have about 1,800 colors. Here is the case of strips if you want to take a look.
ME: I am supposed to remember what my OLD LIVINGROOM looked like by looking in this case? Are you SURE you don't have Hazelwood & family?
Paint Guy: Oh Ma'am, I am not sure. It might have a different name now. Like I said, here is the case of strips.

OMG. I swiftly grabbed strips #J15 & J16 and got the heck out of there before I went mental. Now, sitting on my desk, are some possibilities: Baja Beach, Beach Bum, Head for the Beach, Sand Castle, & Sandalwood Tan. Why am I getting the feeling we have moved to a more outdoor theme as far as color names? Wasn't Hazelwood a nice name for a color? Let me keep looking...maybe they have one called *Potent Cocktails on the Beach*.

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Kiddo78 said...

If you find that paint, certainly let me know! I'll paint my whole entire freakin' life with it!! For sure!