Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Have a Heart, Please!

Oh for pete's sake...just exactly what is going on? You would think it was a full moon or something...oh ya, it is. At least there is a reason for this madness. Remember Ma & Pa's big road trip?
We...lllll, this afternoon I received a phone call from Pa. Pa never calls me so I immediately knew something was wrong. It turns out he and Ma (I'll just call her Mom, ok?) were driving back in The Impala when Mom started having severe chest pains. They had to exit and find an Emergency Room! Poor P's! By the time Dad called, they had been transferred from ER in PoDunk Indiana to a hospital just south of Indianpolis. She is "having some tests done" tomorrow so *guess who* is driving down tomorrow to be with Dad? Can I be really crass here and say WTF???
Geez, I hate being one of those bloggers with perpetual problems. Sorry folks out there...this bad streak is bound to end soon. Keep your blog-fingers crossed...I'll be in touch!

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Rhoda M. said...

Oh I am sorry to hear that. I hope she will be okay...will pray for her.