Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Needs Leather Therapy. Or something like that.

After a brief (!!) hiatus I am back in the saddle. Again. To be honest, at the moment it doesn’t feel very broken-in or comfy or homey. In fact, I had to dust off the furniture in here and open a window for some fresh air. I am looking at some new paint colors as these seem very 2009, don’t you agree? It had been so long since my last post I had to dig through the files to remember my username and password. Yikes. The thing is, I sort of missed jotting down little blurbs...but it seemed that soooooo many little blurbs were happening with my *new* life (fml) it was too hard to actually get them organized into intelligent blurbs! All of my faithful readers would have been driven nutsy and that would have been more of a disaster than just not writing. Ya, I know, that makes sense. Anyway, I recently (this past week) purchased a new laptop. The reason for the new laptop was that my old one was dying a slow death. The justification for the new laptop was this: You have to start writing.

So let’s begin, shall we...

First, a few housekeeping items:
1) I do indeed still have my horse. I bought him, in a twist of fate, just 3 weeks before H died. He is wonderful and patient and silly and the best teacher I could have found for all things about how to keep going in this crazy life.
2) I live-in and plan to stay-in the house H built 6 years ago...which is really why I started this blog in the first place. ( Remember the Motel 6 anyone??) All of these years later, I am now a pro at lawn-mowing, weed-whacking, snow-blowing, edging, and hauling garbage addition to knashing teeth, cussing out various gas-powered yard tools, and annihilating nests of wasps. In other words, I fucking rock at home-ownership. Who knew?
3) Speaking of ownership, I sold the cottage H & I owned. So, I no longer own that...Hey, I am not Wonderwoman.
3) In addition to my horse, I also have 2 toy poodles.
4) I still enjoy my cocktails and a good laugh so some things haven’t changed much after all. :)

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