Saturday, March 10, 2007

Riding On!

After much discussion, thought, and knashing of teeth, I have made the executive decision to move George to New Barn! It seems that whenever I am faced with these life-altering (ya right!) decisions in my life...say, to change jobs, go back to school, get married, or buy a Starbuck's coffee other than Sumatra, I shift into HyperAnxietyMode. I mull and muse until I am completely bonkers and H refuses to discuss the matter with me anymore. I then pronounce my Final Decision, wherein I have relief for about 2 seconds before I find that the original problem that led to The Anxiety goes away and I wonder why I was deciding to change anyway. Get it? Ya, I don't either.
For instance, I made The Big Barn Decision '07, let my current barn owner know, and cried with BarnFriendEmily about how we will miss each other. Then, true to form, I had 2 excellent rides on George and thoroughly enjoyed several evenings at the barn with Emily and a few other boarders...where was all of this a few weeks ago when I was miserable and ready to chuck the riding thing altogether??? Argh.

Anyway, despite the fact that Old Barn is now a place of fun, great company, and riding enjoyment, I am still moving forward with the move. I think in the grande scheme of things, I will be better off at New Barn. The indoor arena is larger and the footing is well-kept so I will be able to work with George on a more regular basis in a bigger place. There is also a very large outdoor arena and some trails so we can vary our riding and he can play Ranch Horse at times. Old Barn is more geared to trail riding and while that would be fun this summer, my riding goals lean more towards improving my Dressage riding. I can't possibly reach my ultimate goal of being a True Dressage Queen if I am trailing riding. Hrumph!

So, there it is! I am a little nervous about the whole *meet new people* phase; however, I am excited to get out and ride and learn about all things George. Moving Day is tomorrow so today I get to gather my gear and help George say goodbye to his pasture pals. We'll pass out apples to all of his buddies and make sure they have his forwarding address so they can write to him at his new boot camp.


Rising Rainbow said...

Good luck with your moving. Change is always scarey, it's just the nature of the beast.

herb said...

Good luck!

DannyEquestrianCupid said...

Hi I was just passing through and good luck with the move. I'm sure everything will be fine in the end! I noticed your love of horses and is a fantastic place to meet people who share an enthusiasm for horses. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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